Hide Sections for Languages

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Hide single sections depending on the language of your website. To do so you can hide each section individually for different languages in your section's Options shown here:


In the given example the section would only show up on the English version of your website.

With this feature, you can have individual sections for each language. This is a powerful tool if you need to display individual sections or media with text for example in different languages.

Here is an example:


You can see two Titles sections but only the first is showing up in the preview on the right. This is due to the following setup:


The second Titles section is hidden for English. That's why it's not showing up in the preview.

To preview which section is showing up for your languages you can use the language picker and get a preview of what your website will look like for each language.


If you now switch to German you can see the other Titles section is showing up and the first one is hidden.


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