Manage Subscription

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You can manage the Subscription of your Umso Account here.


Update Payment Information

To update your payment information please click "Update" right behind your credit card information. After that enter your new payment information and click "Save" shown here:



Pro Sites

In your subscription, you can have an unlimited number of pro sites, with each site priced individually. Upgrading your site to pro will allow you to add as many custom domains as you want and remove the Umso badge from your live site.

Take a look at our pricing.

You have the flexibility to downgrade sites individually or cancel your entire subscription. To downgrade a specific site, navigate to the sites dashboard, click on the option buttons for the desired site, and select "Downgrade to free." If you wish to cancel your entire subscription and downgrade all sites to free, please visit the Subscription page and click on "Cancel Subscription."


Billing History

You can also find your billing history in your subscription here and download your invoices.


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