Managing your team

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To make use of Umso's team features such as real-time collaboration, you can invite multiple people to your account. With any of our plans, you can have unlimited team members.

See your team

Visit the team settings to see which teams you are a member of. In most accounts will just see an "unnamed" team that was created when you joined Umso. Click on "Manage" to invite your collaborators. You will see an "Invite Member" button.

Keep in mind that Umso has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try the team feature risk-free.

Invite Collaborators

When you click on "Invite Member", you'll be able to set a name for your team and yourself if you don't have one set yet. You can also choose to invite someone as admin. Admins are able to invite other team members. However, only the owner can invite and remove admins.

Next Steps

If the email of the person you invited already has a Umso account, they will be able to switch to your team in their dashboard. If they didn't have an account already, we will email them an invite link which will grant them access to your team once they complete the signup.

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