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Take your site to the next level by uploading and using your own fonts. You can use custom fonts for any title or body text globally or specific sections of your site.

Umso sites only accept ttf, woff, woff2, eof and otf font files. Make sure you upload a specific file for each style of your font. You will not be able to modify its weight on the editor.


Upload Custom Fonts

The easiest way to upload your custom font is to go to the fonts option for your site theme or section design on the editor. You can either set fonts globally for your entire site or you can specify fonts for specific sections.

Site Theme

When setting a font globally you will use that font as default for all sections that do not have any font specified.

  1. Click in Theme
  2. Select which element you want to use a custom font (title or text)
  3. Click in Custom
  4. Use the button Upload Font to upload your font
  5. Select the uploaded font



When setting a font for your section, you will override the global font set for that element (title or text). This will not affect other sections.

  1. Go the section you want to change the font
  2. Click in Design
  3. Select which element you want to use a custom font (title or text)
  4. Click in Custom
  5. Use the button Upload Font to upload your font
  6. Select the uploaded font
  7. You can adjust the base size and for that section element



File Libraries

You can also upload multiple font files at once from your Custom Fonts library (created automatically for your organization). Go to Files on your Umso dashboard > Click in Custom Fonts (if that library isn't being displayed for you, please try uploading a font first using either of the options above).



If a font fails to load for any reason, a default fallback font will be in place which is sans-serif. There is no way to set up a fallback free font at the moment.



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