Getting started with Zapier

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With the Zapier integration you can send and process data from your contact and email forms to 1,500 other apps, without writing code. Zapier describes itself as "Easy automation for busy people. Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work."

This guide assumes that you are familiar with Zapier and already have an account. If you've never used Zapier before, you can learn more over at

1. Find your API Key

To authenticate Umso with Zapier, you will need your API Key, which you can find in your Zapier integration settings. Copy that API Key and then click on Go to Zapier (the integration is still in beta so you won't find it in their search).

2. Setup Umso in Zapier

When you get to the Zapier dashboard, enter your API key to authenticate your account. Then click "Continue", and that's it, you're ready to create Zaps!

3. Create Zaps

Zaps are automation flows inside Zapier. Umso currently offers three triggers: contact form submission, custom form submission, and email list subscriber. Which data is included with each can be best seen by following the Zapier editor.

The triggers are sent instantly after a submission occurs, allowing you to create super-fast automation flows.

4. Testing

To test your integration, just fill in one of your own live contact or email capture forms. You don't need to publish your sites again after setting up or changing your Zaps.

We have created some templates for you to get started


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