Editing a post

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When creating a post for your blog, you will use our blogging system editor. It is a basic but powerful editor that allows you to add images, meta tags for your post, cover image, schedule a post publishing and etc.



Post meta tags

There are many ways to improve your site's SEO, and one of them is too keep your meta tags updated to use the keywords you need.

By default, we add the post title for the cover image alt text, and 300 characters of the post content for the page's description. You are able to overwrite them by editing them on the editor post settings.

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Schedule a blog post

If you need to schedule a post to be published at certain date in the future, you can do so by selecting the calendar icon on top right. We do not support adding a time at the moment. The blog post will be published at 0:00 UTC time.



Adding custom code

Custom code allows you to take your post to the next level. You can add podcasts, youtube videos using embed code and etc.

Please note that using custom code can cause side effects if not done correctly. Before adding a custom code, make sure it is well tested. Hiring a freelancer to help you with custom code is always a great way to bring your site to the next level. We, unfortunately, can't help with custom codes as we have limited support capacity.


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