Getting started with analytics

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Analytics provide insights and data of your customers. This data can be used to create a better user experience and help understand your customers. Understanding customers and their behavior is key to a healthy business and can also increase your conversion rate.

Basic analytics include data on page views, content and geographies. Advanced analytics, which is available on all paid plans also shows data on unique visitors, acquisition channels, conversion rate, referrers, technology.

You might notice that Umso Analytics displays higher numbers than Google Analytics. This is usually due to visitors blocking Google Analytics but not our built-in analytics.

Page Views & Unique Visitors

Unique visitors are only shown if you have enabled "advanced analytics".



Acquisition Channels

Acquisition channels show you where your visitors are coming from. If a channel couldn't be determined, it'll be counted as "Direct".


Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is calculated by dividing the number of events marked as conversion events by the number of unique visitors in that timeframe.





Referrers show you in detail what websites referral visitors are coming from.

Site Content

The Top Pages show you how many page views your pages have received, ordered from most to least views.




Countries and Cities show you where your visitors are located.




The Browsers, Devices and Platforms your visitors used.



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