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In general, Gumroad makes selling products online easier for you and helps you to create a much nicer shopping experience for your buyers. In the following, you'll get two slightly different setups for Gumroad on your Umso website.


1. Create an account for Gumroad.

2. Create a product on Gumroad with title, description, pricing, and much more.

3. Now you have to decide if you want a widget that activates on a button click or the embed version.

Example A describes the setup if you choose a widget and example B will describe how to set up the embed version.

Widget (Example A)

<script src=""></script>

4A. Paste the code above in your Header Code.

5A. Go to, choose Widget, your product, and copy only the link inside of the code which looks like this:

6A. Create a CTA section and paste the link in your link input.

The button of your CTA section will trigger a "pop-up" of your product as shown in the first picture.

Also you have the built-in Cart for your website as shown in the second picture.


Embed (Example B)

4B. Go to, choose Embed, your product, and copy the code:

5B. Create a code section and paste the code.

This code will create a section on your page with your product as shown in the following picture.

<script src=""></script>
<div class="gumroad-product-embed" data-gumroad-product-id="qSrje"><a href="">Loading...</a></div>

Please take note we're still in the early stages of testing the integration with Gumroad on Umso. If you get stuck or have further questions please reach out to us via mail (

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