Uploading Media

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Umso uses a file library system to store and manage all your files, including pictures and videos to be used on your sections.

Adding media to your file library

There are two ways of adding media to your file library. Uploading directly from the editor or using the file library dashboard.

Uploading directly from the editor

When adding a section that supports media, you can see a list of the libraries you have in your organization. Every organization has a default library, but you can create as many as you want. To add more libraries, see our detailed instructions here.



If you upload a picture, you will be able to use our simple image editor tool that allows you to resize, flip, rotate and zoom your picture before uploading.



Uploading using file library dashboard

As our file library system is in beta, the dashboard is only accessible by accessing the URL. You can add files to your default library or create new libraries.


Adding media to your section

Once your media have been uploaded you are ready to use in any of your sections that support media.


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