Adding anchor, internal and external links

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Anchor Links

Anchor links allow you to scroll to a specific section on the same page or another page. To scroll to a section, you enter a # symbol followed by the ID of the section in the link input.


The section ID can be found (and edited) at the top right of any section editor.


To link to this team section, you would enter "#team" into the link field.

However, this will only work if the section is on the same page. If it's on a different page, you need to enter the page link before the anchor link. If you have an "About" page for example and on that page you have a team section, you can create a link to the team section on that page like so: "/about#team"

If you have multiple pages on your site and add anchor links to the header or footer, you always need to prefix them with the page link, otherwise they won't work if visitors are on a different page.


Internal Links

To link to a different page on your site, you simply enter the path of the site (including the slash "/"). You can see the path of the page in the "Page Meta" section at the top of every page.

If you have created a "Team" page, for example, and the page path is "/team", you simply enter "/team" into the link field. When a visitor clicks this link, the "Team" page will open.

To link to your homepage, simply enter a forward slash into the link field like so: "/"

Please note that homepage path is just "/".


External Links

To link to an external website, you simply enter the entire URL into the link field. However, don't forget that your link has to start with "http://" or "https://". Just typing "" will not work. Instead type ""


Link to email or phone number

To create a link to directly write an email you can put your email address in a link URL input like this:

To start a phone call you can put your phone number in a link URL input like this:


‚ÄčIf you click the link it'll suggest your phone to call this number and on desktop, it tries to reach out to your phone if possible.

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