Getting started with Managing Access

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Our User Management (UM) feature will allow you to give your partners, clients, or guests in general access to individual sites or other resources.

The goal is to work together with other people than your team and only grant access to your organization these guests should have.

Let us introduce the Access Info button:


Resources are your sites, blogs, forms, lists, libraries, and projects.

Resource Permissions

The Access Info button will appear on all resources (except projects) and clicking on it will allow you to give access to this resource.

There are two permission types Edit and View. Edit will give the guest access to change the resource and View will only give access to see the content but not change anything.



Projects help you to structure your resources just like folders and give guests or groups access to multiple resources.


Create Projects

You can create unlimited projects in your settings here.


Managing Project Permissions

All guests and group members have access to every resource inside a project with project permissions. You can manage your project permissions inside of each project shown here:


To give a guest permission to create new resources inside of your organization you have to give them project write access.

Project Resources

You can see a list of all resources inside a project right below the project permissions.

You can move a resource to a different project by clicking the Access Info button on the resource you want to change and selecting a different project as shown here:



Groups are a collective of guests to help you add multiple guests to a single resource without having to add all guests one-on-one.


Create Groups

You can create groups below your team members and guests here.


Managing Groups

You can add and remove group members, who are also guests in your organization, inside of each group as shown here:


Group Access

Right below the group members, you can see an overview of all the resources this group has access to.



There is also a list of all guests and you can remove a guest completely from your organization here. This will remove all access this guest has to your resources.

Team Members have full access to resources, including projects. Learn more about Managing your team here.


The following overview shall help you understand the structure of User Management.


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