Query Parameter Forwarding

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Want to automatically forward query parameters with your links? No problem! You can automatically forward the standard UTM parameters or any custom parameters to internal links, external links, and links to specific domains.

To find this setting, open your site in the editor and click on "Site Meta" for the homepage or "Page Meta" for any sub-page. Sub-pages will inherit the homepage setting by default, so if you want different behaviour on a sub-page, you can change it there. 

  1. Enable "Forward Query Parameters"
  2. Enter any of the custom parameters you want to forward, or leave it blank
  3. Enable UTM parameter forwarding if you like
  4. Then pick the links to which we forward the parameters



Let's say your Umso website is at www.example.com and you run a marketing campaign linking to it like so: www.example.com/?utm_source=mycampaign. From your homepage you link to your web-app at app.example.com and you want to save the utm parameter when a user signs up. 

To achieve this, enable "Forward UTM Parameters" and forward them "to specific domains". In the "Domains to forward UTMs to" field, you enter "app.example.com". 

If your site as multiple pages, you might also want to enable forwarding "to all internal links" so that if a visitor goes from your homepage to www.example.com/pricing, the parameters are forwarded to the /pricing page. 


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