Managing responses

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Once your custom form is created, added to your site and you have received responses. If you have set the custom form settings to "Save to Database", you will be able to see the responses in a dedicated page.

To access go to "Forms" in Umso app and click on the form that you wish to see the responses. The response will be displayed in a simple grid. You can search for any of the responses in the form.

If you click on a row, you are able to see the response row information in modal view. You are able to navigate between the responses and delete them if you want. The content inside the modal is scrollable.

Custom form responses can also be exported into a CSV file. The files uploaded will be replaced by a URL that for safety reasons expires in 60 minutes as the URL is public. The email notification also includes a 60 minute expire URL when responses are submitted with a file. You can always access the files by going to your form responses in the Umso app.

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