Setting up proxy rules

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Proxy rules allow you forward requests to your Umso site to your own servers. Your server response will then be passed back to Umso and displayed just like any other page on your Umso site.

Proxy rule settings

1. From Field

The "From" field tells Umso which path of your site the proxy should apply for. You can proxy specific path's such as "/login", or a whole subdirectory with the wildcard operator: "/members*". When using the wildcard operator, any requests at a sub path will also be proxied, for example "/members/signup".

2. To Field

The "To" field contains the server that should handle these requests. This should be your own server that you control. Keep in mind that the proxy currently passed through the hostname so your server needs to respond to the origin hostname and path.

Make sure to experiment with the proxy on a test site before using it on a live site. It sometimes takes some effort to get your server to handle requests properly.

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