Creating a Page

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You can add multiple pages to your website.


What is a Page?

A page is any content on the same domain as your homepage, but with a different URL. Let's say you have a website at and your homepage is already quite large. You could create a new Page at "" where you tell your visitors about your team.


How to add a Page to your Website

1. In the editor, click on the box that reads "Homepage" at the top left of the sidebar. 



A screenshot showing the page manager dialog in the editor.


2. Then click "Create Page" and you will see a form into which you can enter your page Title and Path. Both of those values can also be changed later on in the page meta settings.



A screenshot showing the "Create Page" form in the editor.


3. Click on "Save Page" your page will be created and the editor will automatically open it. The page navigator in the sidebar will now read "/team" because you are editing the "/team" page.


A screenshot of the editor sidebar when the user is editing the /team page.


4. To navigate to any other page, click on the page navigator, which now says "/team". You can also click the "back" button in your browser to navigate to the previous page. 


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