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You can use custom code to take your site to the next level. Using custom code you can build your own custom section using HTML, CSS, and JS. You can also edit another section on the same page.

A few other examples you can use custom code for are to add widgets, YouTube videos, embed code, or pretty much anything you want it to be rendered on that specific page.

Adding a custom code section

You can find the Code under your sections. By clicking the following symbol, a custom code section will be added to your website.

The Custom Code Section

As in other sections, you can add a title & subtitle, and change your section design. In the example below, we are adding a new YouTube video and centering it. Please note that the iframe code was provided by YouTube.


Please note that some JS code and iframes might not show up in the editor. They will show up when your site is published.


Important Note

Custom codes are powerful, they allow you to add an extensive amount of features to your site but they can also cause side effects if not done correctly. Make sure when adding a custom code you test it thoroughly.

Another downside is you have to code to a certain extent. We hope you can understand we cannot provide full support with specific custom code because this is beyond our support resources. If a feature is very complex to do it yourself we recommend you to hire a freelancer to get this really important feature done for you.




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