Designing your section

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Each section is different and has a different layout, however, all sections allow you to customize its design. While keeping it simple, we have most of the tools you will need to make your section look great.

We are going to cover below some of the most important design features.


You are able to change the background using 4 different options: Custom, Theme, Gradient and Media. Theme provide you 5 different color matching your site theme. Using Custom color you can pick exactly the color and transparency you want for your background. 


Gradient allows you to select two different colors and choose which direction you want.

Background media

Lastly, media gives you the flexibility to add any media from your library as the background of your section. You can also add an overlay color effect to your image, and play with the transparency.



On each section that allows it, you can change its title font and the font for the body of the section. For example, you can have a Roboto, black and weight 400, and for the body a slightly lighter color and a finer font.

If you attach a link using markdown to your field, you can also select what color you want the link to be displayed.

We do not support adding your own font at the moment. We are expected to have this feature in the future. For now, you can select any of the fonts from the Font Family dropdown.



Using a divider is a great way to split between different sections while still connecting them.



The layout will depend on each section. Some allow you to flip the content left, center, right, and down. Others will only allow you to modify it slightly. We are always adding more options to our layouts. If you have a specific request that might benefit others as well, make sure to let us know.

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