EU-Only Hosting

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With EU-only hosting you can guarantee that your website visitors are always served by our EU datacenter in Frankfurt, Germany. This feature is only available for custom domains. 



Umso uses a global server network to serve your website from multiple datacenters around the world. Your website visitors are directed to whichever datacenter is closest to them. For example, a visitor in the EU would typically be served by our Frankfurt datacenter. However, this isn't guaranteed due to the complexity of the internet. Sometimes it might be faster to route a visitor to a different datecenter. 


EU-Only Hosting

To guarantee that all visitors are routed to our Frankfurt Datacenter, we've setup a special endpoint. All traffic to this endpoint will be routed to Frankfurt, Germany. Your website and files you've uploaded to your Umso Libraries will be served from our servers in Frankfurt.

However, this has no impact on third-party services such as Google Analytics. It is up to you to manage your integrations and custom code to satisfy your needs. 


Setup Instructions

Instead of the instructions given in the domain settings of your website, use the following:

Wherever possible, use the CNAME and where your DNS records do not support CNAMEs, such as for your root domain, you can use the IP address




Do I have to do this to comply with GDPR?
We have a DPA ( in place which covers data transfer outside of the EU. This is sufficient for most of our European customers even when using our standard global hosting network. We have added our EU-Only Hosting for customers who want to simplify things by only utilizing servers in Europe.


Will my site still be reliable and handle lots of traffic?
Yes, we use autoscaling and automatic failover in all datacenters which means that our EU location has automatic failovers and can scale to any amount of traffic. 


Will EU-Only Hosting make my website be faster to visitors in Europe? 
No, there will be no performance benefits for visitors within Europe. However, visitors from outside of Europe will get slightly slower load times since they will not benefit from our other locations anymore.


Does this include the Umso forms feature?
No, if you use Umso forms, then data from the forms is still sent to our central US datacenter. This is covered by our DPA ( and in line with GDPR regulation for data transfers outside of the EU. If you do not want form data to be sent to the US then do not use Umso Forms. If there's enough interest then we might provide EU-hosted forms as well.


Does this include the Advanced Analytics feature?
No, analytics data is stored in the US as covered by our DPA ( and Privacy Policy ( You can disable advanced analytics to avoid any user data being sent to the US. We might also work on a EU-Only analytics option if there is enough interest.



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