Getting Started with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for Your Umso Site

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Navigating the world of Google Analytics (GA) and Google Tag Manager (GTM) can seem overwhelming. This guide simplifies the setup process for your Umso site.

Google Analytics Setup

  • When creating a property, input your site's domain for clarity.

  • Provide Business Details and select "Generate Leads" for Business Objectives. For Data Collection, choose "Web".

  • Set up a data stream for your site to add the Google Analytics tag.

  • Note down your Measurement ID.

  • In the Umso Site Editor:
    • - Legacy Editor: Go to Integrations > Google Analytics.
    • - New Editor: Visit Site Settings > Third Party Integrations.
  • Paste the Measurement ID.

  • Publish your site, wait a few minutes, then check Google Analytics for incoming data.

Google Tag Manager Setup

  • Register at Google Tag Manager using the same email as GA for consistency. 
  • Under the "Accounts" tab, click "Create Account", accept the terms, and note your GTM ID (e.g., GTM-5L4THSJZ).

  • In the Umso Site Editor, paste the GTM ID in the same integration section as GA.

  • Publish your site.

Event Tracking with GTM

  • Add a variable to your GTM container for triggering
  • Go to Variables > Clicks > Select "Click Text".

Connect GTM to GA

  • Click on "Tags" then "New".
  • Name it (e.g., "GA4 - Config").

  • Input the GA Measurement ID from step 1e. (same used in your Umso site)
  • For Triggering, select "All Pages".

Set up an event trigger

  • Go to Triggers > New > Trigger Type > "Just Links".

  • Select "Some Links Clicks". In the picker, choose "Click Text", then type "Get Started" (or your button's text).

  • Save it

Test your setup

  • In GTM, click "Preview", input your site URL, and open your site.

  • Click the designated button on your site, close the preview, and click on "Link Click" in GTM. 

  • Check if your event has fired. If so, click "Submit" in GTM.
  • View your event in GA under the "Realtime" tab.

Upcoming Feature: We're enhancing user experience by introducing the ability to assign custom IDs to buttons and forms. This will offer precision beyond relying on button text.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or need assistance.

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