Create a blog

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Create and attach one or more blogs to your site.

To create a blog with Umso is easy. You can start from your site dashboard by clicking in the blog area, select your site from the dropdown and fill the blog details and click Create Blog



You can also start by going to on your Umso app nav bar, click in Blogs and Create Blog.

When you create a blog and attach it to a site, it will be created automatically two additional pages where you can customize how your blog homepage and post will look like. They are called templates.

We have two guides that can help with templates.


Please note that templates are linked to your site, and if you have more than one blog attached to it, they will have the same template.

When you transfer a blog to another site, if that site doesn't have blog templates we duplicate from the previous site that was attached to it. If the site does have a template, we use that instead.

Your blog will become live only when your site is re-published. 

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