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Google Optimize is a tool to test different versions of your website. You get the opportunity for A/B Testing, A/B/n Testing, Multivariate Testing, and Split URL Testing. You can read more about the features here.

It's easy to set up and use with Umso. Also, no extra integration or coding is required at all except Google analytics integration!

A/B Testing - Setup

1. Sign in to Google Optimize

2. Click "Create experience"

3. Add "Name" and "URL" and select "A/B test"



4. Click "Create"

5. Click "Add variant" and give it a name

6. Now you can edit this variant in the way you want to test your new version

Save the variant and click " Done"

7. Place the following code in your header code (with your OPT ID)

<script src=""></script>

8. You can decide how much % will see which variant by clicking on the percentage number

In this example, we split the group in half so 50% will see the original version, and 50% will see "Variant 1" if they visit

9. Link to Analytics and select the objectives.

Might be tricky, you need to have Universal Analytics NOT Google Analytics 4

10. Click "Start" and try with different browsers or devices and see all of your variants

Please take note we're still in the early stages of testing Google Optimize on Umso. If you get stuck or have further questions please reach out to us via mail (

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