Creating custom forms

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Custom Forms is a powerful feature to capture information from your customers for lead generation, signups, mailing lists, content submission and whatever else you can think of! You can build forms with drop-downs, checkboxes, input fields, file uploads, and much more.



You can create a form under the section Forms in the Umso app. On the top-right, click on the button "Create Form". After you have chosen the name and the layout, you can individually create and edit different fields for your form by clicking "Edit Fields".

You will notice that there are no design options in the form editor. To adapt the design, add the form to a website and adjust the design in the site editor. This is very useful if you want to include the same form in multiple websites with different designs.

Form Fields

In Form Fields, you create and edit all the fields in your form. You can choose between Text Field, Email, Phone, URL, Number, Text Area, Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Select and Upload file. You can also select "None" to hide the input field. Below are three examples of Radio Buttons, Email, and Select.

The above "Radio Buttons" form field will render standard radio buttons as you can see in the screenshot below which also displays an email field and a select field.

Please note that any changes will only be saved after you click "Create Form", or "Update Form" (if you are editing an existing form) on the top right of the page.


The file size upload limit is 50MB. The file types supported at the moment are the same as the file library, however, we will be supporting more file extensions in the future.

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