Section details and settings

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You can find on the section's top right an option to access the section settings. In the settings you will be able to modify the section ID, duplicate, copy, delete, hide and cut a section.

Section ID

Every section has a section ID, which is important because if changes need to be done manually you are able to use it by using its section ID.

If you need to modify a CSS property of your section using custom code, check the article below.

  • Custom Code

    Learn how to use custom code to modify CSS elements from other sections

Hide Section

Sometimes you don't want to delete a section, but you want to hide it temporarily. You can do so by checking the Hide Section checkbox.

Please note that if you hide a custom code section, the code won't run. Custom code sections need to be visible to work, and you can modify the layout to not display the section.

Copy, Cut and Delete Sections

To delete a section is very simple. Once you click delete your section will disappear from your site.

For copy/cut functionalities, once you copy or cut your section you will need to go back to your site content, add a new section and you will now see a new button on the top right of the modal called Paste from Clipboard.


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