Using markdown

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Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain-text-formatting syntax. We have it enabled in most of our section text fields.

General Usage

You just have to type in the symbol or parentheses right in front and after your word and Markdown will transform your text.

Text Styling


You can choose the header size with the following syntax:

# H1
## H2 ### H3 #### H4 ##### H5 ###### H6

 The result will look like these headers:








You can style your text italics with one and bold, with two asterisks or underscores.

In this example italics is written :

_italics_ or *italics*

bold is written:

__bold__ or **bold**


Highlighted Text

You can highlight your text if you wrap up your text like this:

<mark>highlighted text</mark>

The result will look like this:

Crossed-out text

To cross your text out you can wrap it like this:

~~double tildes around the words~~


Forcing a Line-Break

If you want to force a line-break, you can use the HTML tag: <br>



Markdown is also an awesome tool for your links.

To have an inline linked text like Umso you have to write:


To link text directly and write:



Markdown has a lot more options like Headers, Lists, Images, Tables, or Backquotes. To use these options this guide should help you.

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