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Disclaimer: Umso does not provide legal advice and the site owner is responsible to seek legal advice and make sure owner's site is tested and working as expected by your jurisdiction's law regarding cookies.

Sites created with Umso may store cookies to help your site run efficiently and help enhance customer experience. If your site is using custom code or integrations, your site may place cookies that aren't essential.

Some countries and state laws require the site owner to inform their visitors regarding the cookies being placed on their computer. In Europe, laws are even more strict and require you to take more steps, for example, blocking all non-essential cookies prior to receiving visitors' consent.

Adding a cookie banner does not mean your site fully comply with applicable laws. Please consult a specialist to make sure you are covering all the steps needed to be fully compliant with your relevant jurisdiction(s).

You can either set up a simple Cookie Banner notice or you can enable Cookie Settings to allow your visitors to fully manage what type of cookie should be stored on their computer.

Cookie Banner

By only enabling the cookie banner in your site you will display a notice to the visitor as soon as they access your site. This way you will make them aware of the use of cookies.

Please note that this mode does not prevent cookies from being stored or allow your visitor to manage them. To block cookies, you will need to enable Cookie Settings.

Enabling Cookie Banner Settings

Cookie Banner Settings will allow visitors to fully manage what cookie categories can be stored. You can also add a policy URL and enable prior cookie blocking.

Prior Blocking

By enabling prior blocking your site, only essential cookies and scripts are loaded. Visitor's can accept all categories or specify which category they wish to enable. Once enabled, scripts and cookies will be loaded for the accepted categories. If Prior Blocking is not enabled, all scripts and cookies will load at first and the user will be able to re-adjust the categories, however some scripts might store third-party cookies that won't be able to be removed.


Cookies on Umso are split within 4 categories. Essential, Functionality, Performance & Analytics and Targeting & Advertising. 

Essential is required and can't be disabled, that is crucial for Umso's sites security and functionality and we do not store any identifiable personal information. 

Functionality helps give your visitors a better user experience. 

Performance & Analytics helps collect information regarding interaction with your site, traffic and measurement to help better you improve your site.

Targeting & Advertising helps better deliver marketing content and customized ads.



Third Party Cookies

Third party cookies can't be removed, and it is the site's owner responsibility to ensure that your visitor is aware. Most laws do not require third party to be removed, but do check with a specialist to make sure your site is compliant. 

By Enabling Prior Blocking, you will be able to prevent third party cookies to be stored at first, if user decides to give consent, once installed, withdrawing consent won't remove them. It will however block scripts from running again.

Creating a Policy

If your site uses cookie banner, it will most likely require a policy. When cookie settings is enabled, you can add a URL for your policy. We suggest creating a page on your site for your policy, or you can also add external link for it.

Here are the cookies Umso sites may store so you can use to add on your cookie policy.

Name Expiration Category Description
usr 365 days Performance & Analytics Umso Analytics
u_sp 365 days Essential Authentication
365 days Essential Manage site language settings
cookie_consent 365 days Essential Manage advanced cookie consent
trackingPreferences 365 days Essential Manage basic cookie banner

When cookie settings is not enabled you can either add a policy link using markdown, or add on your page footer as a link.

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Policy Versioning

We allow you to version your policy so you are able to provide proof of consent if you need. Every time a consent is given for your site, we record as proof of consent which is required by some jurisdictions. That will help if you ever need auditing.


Make sure your policy version is updated accordingly so you are aware of what policy your visitor gave consent to. You can export all consents from your site dashboard, under Security & Compliance.



Cookie Banner is available in 4 languages. English, Portuguese, German and French. If you need to translate it for another language please send us a support request at


All Umso integrations are categorized as below. If your site has any of our built-in integrations they will automatically work with our cookie solution. 

Essential Functionality Performance & Analytics Targeting & Advertising
Iubenda Cookie Solution Intercom HotJar Drift
Stripe Crip Chat Facebook Pixel Hubspot Chat
  Pure Chat Google Tag Manager  
  Facebook Customer Chat Google Analytics    

If you add a new integration by using header code, the cookie solution will not work at first and you will have to adapt your code to include an HTML tag below that allow us to run your script after the consent was given.

To adapt your script to work, add the following tag and replace CATEGORY with either essential, functionality, performance or targeting. See Categories section above to decide which one fits your script.


The type tag of your script will dictate if you want it to run prior the user consent is given. For example, if you do NOT want it to be executed right away, your type should be text/plain, if you want your script to be loaded as the page loads use text/javascript.

Your code should look similar to:

src="<< YOUR SCRIPT URL >>"

Stripe script is essential because they help prevent fraudulent activities, and it is required on any site that makes use of our Stripe integration.

How to Set Up

1. To set up your cookie banner, go to your site's footer and enable the Cookie Banner switch on the bottom of your footer section options.




Our text field is markdown compatible, so you can add a link to any document you want your customers to access. We have an article on how to set up files URLs (make sure you have uploaded to your file library first) and how to use markdown on Umso. 

2. You can change the color of the banner background and text color. To preview your banner on the editor, enable Show Banner in Preview.

3. To  have access to the advanced features of the cookie banner enable Cookie Settings. You will be able to control Prior Blocking, set Policy URL and Show Modal in Preview to see how your visitors can manage the cookies categories.



4. For the modal design, corner roundness and buttons are defined by the global theme of your site. 

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