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We have a built-in integration with Zapier that allows you to send your customer form responses to over 2,000 apps. To set up your Zapier account with Umso, please see this guide.

Once your Zapier account is connected you can go to the Zapier website, and create a new zap.



When choosing an app, look for the app Umso and the event to be triggered will be "Custom Form Submission". Zapier will ask you to select the Umso account connected to it, and it will load a list of all of your custom forms in the "Set up trigger" step.

Once you complete the step, it will ask you to test your trigger. Go ahead and click "Test". At this point, you will get a response back from our system with placeholder values based on your form fields. They are important so you can select them specifically by field when setting up your zap action.

Please note that if you make any changes on your form fields, and you need to use the new field on your integration, you will need to edit your zap and reload all fields in the "Set up trigger" step and then re-test it. That will create a "Submission B" with the new fields.

When your trigger is set, you can now choose from all available apps on Zapier to perform an action.



If you are using the Zapier integration with file uploads forms, we recommend setting up Zapier to download files automatically to a storage service such as Dropbox. 

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