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Save to Database

Your data will be stored in our Database by default and you have the option to disable this behavior in your form actions. You will be able to see the responses by going to the form dashboard and then clicking the form card you wish to see the responses for.

Send to Webhook

You can send the form responses from your customer to a webhook. To set this up, add your webhook URL and save your form. Then we will make a POST request to the webhook address on every new form submission. The form data will be passed in the request body in JSON format. You can add up to 10 webooks URLs.

A good third-party service to test a webhook is Pipedream. Pipedream allows you to create a temporary webhook and read incoming requests. Pipedream is not affiliated with Umso.

Email Notification

By default, the person who created the form is automatically added to the email notification. You can add and remove email addresses from the list as you please. On every response, the emails on the list will receive a notification containing the form responses URL address, site domain, site id, the customer form responses. You can add up to 10 email addresses.



Spam Protection

We use captchas and automatic spam detection to prevent spam on your forms. Form captchas might require visitors to solve an anti-spam challenge when submitting a response. This challenge is a text that the user submitting the form will need to type before sending the response.

You can set the protection level in your preferences. Always will trigger on every submission, Suspicious Content will analyze the response and based on a number of factors will trigger the captcha or not, and lastly Never will disable the captcha spam prevention.

There is a difference between the custom form captcha setting, which is found on your custom form editor, and captchas for your contact forms which are controlled by the site settings. We are migrating contact forms to be part of custom forms and we will update those settings in the future to avoid confusion.


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