Affiliate Program

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We have an affiliate program for educators, bloggers and tech enthusiasts with entrepreneur audiences.

How do I join?

We accept affiliates on a one to one basis at our discretion. Please keep reading to find out how you can join.

Who can join?

Do you have a significant following on your platform and produce high quality content for entrepreneurs, founders and those who aspire to become ones? Or are you an educator running paid or free classes or courses? Then you sound like a great partner.

As long as you are motivated by helping others become successful independent entrepreneurs, we would like to work with you.

What are the terms?

We offer a 50/50 split for the first 12 months of any paying customers that signs up via your link. Alternatively we also offer 30% indefinitely.

Where to Apply?

If you would like to join our affiliate program, please email Be sure to include some information about you and who your audience is.


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