Adding files to your site

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File rules allow you to map a file from a File Library to any path on your website. You can find this setting on your site dashboard.

To map a file to a path on your website, you must first create a library and upload your file to it. If you already have your file in one of your libraries, you can continue with this guide.

First, you'll want to click on "Add File" at the bottom left corner in the settings box. A new row will appear for you to enter your information. There are only three settings: "Path", "Library" and "File".

The "Path" setting determines at which url your file should be available, relative to your domain. You can include the file extension or omit it. You can also enter a nested path such as /files/images/user.png



In the "Library" and "File" setting, you first select the library where your file is, and then the file you want to map.

Common use-cases:

  • Hosting domain verification files for AdWords
  • Hosting mobile app deeplink mappings
  • Uploading custom HTML, CSS or JS files to extend the functionality of your site

Once you have clicked on "Save Settings" your redirects will not become active until you publish your site again.

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