Setting up a custom domain

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Follow this guide to setup your own domain such as "" or "".

To connect a custom domain with your existing Umso website, follow these steps:

You need these mandatory steps:

  • Setup with your DNS provider (where you purchased or manage your domain)
  • Add your custom domain on your Umso site settings

Setup with DNS provider

You can choose to set up just a root domain, a subdomain or both. In case A you setup your root domain (e.g. and case B you set up a subdomain (e.g.

Set up a domain (Case A)

A: To setup your root domain. You need to set up two type A Records with your DNS provider (usually where you bought your domain):

with and the IP:

with www and the IP:

Set up a subdomain (Case B)

B: To setup a subdomain you will need to set up one single type A Record with your DNS provider:


After you've set these records please remove all records you don't need as they can conflict with your set up.


Setup on Umso (Site settings dashboard)

  1. Visit your site dashboard by clicking on your site.
  2. Then toggle "Domain" settings box
  3. Select Custom Domain and type the domain you have purchased
  4. You can either add your non-www domain ( or add www domain ( You can as well add a subdomain (
  5. When typing your domain you can either add the non-www or the www version of your domain, and if you check the Include Alternate Domain box, we will add both of them at once. This option are not available for subdomains.

Your domain is now associated with your site and it's time to create the DNS settings with your DNS provider. You'll see the "DNS Settings" just below the previous form. It should look like this:



Now, click on "View Settings" next to each domain (both the www and the non-www version). A popup will appear, outlining the next steps:

First A record for non-www version:


Second A record for www version:



Once you have completed the steps in the popup for all domains, please wait for at least 15 minutes before contacting support. DNS records can take some time to propagate.

Set your primary domain

By default, your umso URL site (when you create the site) is set by default. When adding a custom domain you will want to set that as your default site. If you have non-www and a www version of your domain, pick the one you want your users to be redirected to. All domains for that site will be redirected to your set primary domain.

Umso Domains

At site creation a domain with your site ID will be created for you. You can add a different URL using Umso domains, for example,

Remove Domains

You can remove your domains as long as it is not your primary domain. To delete a domain that is your primary, please add another one and set the new one as primary and then you are able to delete your previous domain.

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