Exporting your site and pages

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Only Pro sites can be downloaded.

To download go to your site editor, and on the top left menu, you will find a button called "Download Site Files".


Once you click, we are going to compile all your HTML, CSS, and JS for all your site pages and create a zip file that you can download.

You can then upload those files to a web hosting service of your choice. Please keep in mind that we can not provide support for third-party hosting once you have exported your file. 



We provide a lot of interactive features which rely on our own backend logic and will not work when you host your site somewhere else. We recommend you find alternatives for these features. These features are:

  • Analytics
  • Cookie Consent Management
  • Multilingual sites
  • Custom Forms
  • Site & Page Passwords
  • Redirects & Proxy Rules

Third-party integrations should continue to work regardless of where your site is hosted.


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