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Umso X is the new version of our website building engine. We have re-built our entire core product from scratch over the last year. That means you can build even better websites with even less effort and we can bring you product updates more quickly. 

Umso X is currently in private beta. 
You can request access by emailing us at

What's New?

Better Sections, and lots of them!

We've removed the clunky styling settings from the old system and instead have pre-built beautiful, responsive sections you can switch between easily without having to make any manual adjustments yourself.

More control over your text formatting

You now have direct control over your text formatting directly in the editor instead of having to rely on markdown or html. Our text editing menu also now features a handy AI text tool.

More updates, quicker

We haven't released a lot of editor updates over the last year, not only because we were working on the new system but also because the old system became very clunky to work with. Our new system makes it easy for us to make improvements and add new content quickly and we can't wait to make use of that.


As an existing customer, can I continue to use the old editor? 
Yes, the old editor will remain available to existing customers. 

Will my old sites still work?
Yes, all existing sites will continue to work and will be editable in the original editor as before. 

Will I have to pay more for Umso X?
No, our pricing will remain the same.

Can I edit my old site in the new editor? 
Unfortunately, no. The new system is not compatible with Umso X and to be able to use Umso X, you must create a new site.

Will there be a generator for Umso X?
Yes. We will release a new generator shortly after making Umso X the default editor. 

Will Umso X support blogs?
Yes. We will add support for blogs shortly.

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